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Click this picture to support Vermont Nonprofit Organizations when you shop online. It will never cost you one cent. Don’t keep us a secret! Share this site!

Support Vermont Nonprofit Organizations by clicking on the picture above or by clicking on “Shop” in the main navigation bar.  There is a small advertising fee paid by e-retailers for each online purchase made from a link on any website.  From the main navigation bar, you can chose for the advertising fee from your purchase to be donated to Vermont Animal Rescues & Vermont Animal Therapy Programs or to other Vermont Nonprofit Organizations.   Chose an e-retailer, from the e-commerce stores available.  More will be coming online with us soon.  We promise, it will never cost you one cent to donate to any participating program!

I have a true appreciation for this quote from Mother Teresa.  “Do not wait for leaders, do it person to person.”  Vermont nonprofit organizations bring their community together when they hold events to raise money.  We all understand that when you shop local, you support local.  At Vermont Do Gooders List,  we make a difference to the bottom line of local causes one person at a time, one online purchase at time!  It’s up to you as well.   Don’t keep us a secret!  Share this site!

These small advertising fees build up quickly.  It does not matter if you are an average or occasional online consumer or a business, if you are making a purchase online, you can fund a cause you care about.  The fees sent back to this Vermont site will be distributed to local organizations in the following manner.  As of right now, forty-seven percent of that fee will be distributed evenly among the Vermont Nonprofits which have applied, are approved, and have agreed to the terms and conditions appropriate to each organization.  As of right now, three percent is held back.  The first percent is for a One Percent Campaign specific to Vermont and two percent to celebrate and appreciate those who serve.

Always support local.  It is the intention of Do Gooders List to connect a passionate audience and committed local organizations through an e-commerce platform.   We encourage a new online shopping habit.  We wish to work with local Vermont nonprofit organizations. To take money that would have been left on the table and put it to good purpose right here where we live.

Our vision for this site is to bring funding to local organizations that support and serve our communities.  If you are a Vermont nonprofit organization that serves locally, please contact us to sign up! This site also wishes to celebrate and bring attention to those who serve all of us through their dedication to aid all those in need.


Fundraising , My Journey

My fundraising journey began a few years ago when an idea dawned on me that I thought was a brilliant as sliced bread.  However, I was an absolute failure getting local libraries, humane societies and fire departments to begin using affiliate marketing  to fund raise for themselves.  Thus began a journey I believe I will be on for the rest of my life, because creating something good out of nothing is a challenge I simply can not resist.

This journey becomes more quantifiable each time I move into a new understanding of myself in the world.  Each time I have done something I never imagined I could do……   I am still not sure about walking across hot coals, but I am closer to believing in myself.  I believe it is when we string those quantifiable moments together; we can begin to measure growth within ourselves.   And growth is never a constant up trending metric.

Local fundraising solutions

Do Gooders List is the beginning of a fundraising solution for groups, clubs and organizations that “do good” and “make a difference” right where we live.  We want to bring funds from affiliate marketing into local non-profits.  Affiliate Marketing is used by  E-Bates,  Market America and  Amazon Smiles.   It is the best fundraising solution I could find because it costs nothing extra.  No monthly deductions from your checking account, no monthly additions to your credit card statement and there is no event planning needed.   Add this tool to your arsenal of other fundraising efforts and don’t keep us a secret!   It is simply a matter of shopping online through specific links on this site.

A real financial statistic

That is all.   We need a hub in which to shop, and the habit of doing it. The hub is what we offer here at Vermont Do Gooders List.   Last year, US mobile phone users alone, spent over 10 billion dollars on internet purchases in the first quarter of 2014.   These numbers are still on the rise and this statistic does not include statistics from computers, laptops or tablets.  Lets bring a small portion of that home locally.

Fundraising from the top down

All the above mentioned companies have advantages and perhaps disadvantages, but in a diverse and informed world, there is room for everyone.  We have international organizations that have sub-corporations within countries that have sub-corporations at the state level.   We have national organizations that have, sub corporations in every state.  Many of those have sub-corporate divisions at a county level.   I believe there is a vast difference between what the top believes it delivers and what is finally received by the smaller organizations that directly provide services.   Our lives and the reality we are continuously creating are constantly in motion.  Let us make deliberate and conscious efforts to create with an end result in mind.  Let us build something that operates within newly defined parameters, and let it serve us where we live.

I understand that there are different problems across this nation. The problems are different between small towns and big cities.  It is the people who live there and want something better that will know what is needed locally better than anyone.  So who better to fund?   Who better than the organizations that already exist and serve the population directly?

Let us begin a journey of fundraising together.  Let us celebrate and honor those who serve, those who are ready to learn, those here to teach and those here to lead the way!  Bless our journey.

The Do Gooders List Team

Unbound Grace

 UnBound Grace Youth Program  Starksboro, Vermont


Building supportive relationships with Vermont youth to assist the successful achievement of their health focused dreams and goals.
The Sentinel Farms Arts, Agriculture & Equestrian program is designed to engage youth in building a healthy body of self knowledge with the communication tools and social skills needed for successful self advocacy. SFAA&E uses the students interest in the natural world and the captivating beauty and graceful energy of our family of horses to draw  youths awareness to their own presence and capacity to feel and care for themselves and others.
At Unbound Grace, we have taken on the responsibility of assuring that every child has equal access to joining in! We believe it is in everyone’s best interest to answer every child with a resounding – “YES! Of course you can join in with us in our Unbound Grace ~ Sentinel farms Programming!”
Help us build our community and support at-need youth with scholarships. Join our “Take 5 & give a child a hand” campaign. It’s amazing what 5 minutes and $5 repeated between friends and over a community can do to rebuild our country from the ground up!